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Finding Your… Inner Turbanista

Forgive the late slap bang in the middle of the week and no hearing from me since last week post! I caught a bad cold which turned out to be a chest infection and just wanted to lay in bed and sleep the entire time! I find it quite ironic how I caught a cold when I fell off the wagon and missed by daily smoothie intake TWICE! Karma folks, karma!!!

Anyway back to this post and my new discovered love! You guys can definitely bear witness to the fact that I


Love Your… 2012 Happy New Year

Hi lovelies,

Happy New Year! A few days late I know but as you know, blogging was on pause for some days a.k.a some much needed maintenance.

Now I’m back and so excited about what the New year has to bring so here are the changes and goals that 2012 promises ^_^ !!!

2012 Blog Changes

– You’ll be seeing many more personal posts as well as Haircare posts, did I hear Fashion, Makeup/Skincare and D.I.Y?!!

2012 Hair Mission

– Take Biotin supplement daily
– 4 inches of Hair