5 Ways To Reduce Single Strand Knots

Single Strand Knots

My days of losing sleep over ‘single strand knots’ are over! I discovered single strand knots just a few months after my transitioner chop in November 2013, and got really down in the dumps about them, so much so that I wanted to do another ‘chop’. That was until I had a talk with some other naturals who swore that SSK’s were normal and that I really shouldn’t beat myself up about them. Almost a year later I can tell you these bad boys are here to stay and I no longer pay them too much attention. As long as I know I’m giving my hair all of the TLC that I can with the above steps I’m all smiles and happy.

Do you have any other tips or tricks for keeping SSK’s at bay?



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8 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Always Dry

Time after time I get questions about hair dryness and readers sharing techniques they have tried in order to up moisture retention and prevent dry and brittle hair. Truth is, there are so many culprits of dry hair, some we can’t always avoid e.g. weather, genetics etc, but have you ever considered the fact that dryness can also be self-inflicted? Here’s my two pence on 8 reasons as to why your hair always seem to be dry…



 Oils & Butters should  READ MORE »

LOC Method: The Much Talked About Maximum Moisture Retention Method


LOC Method, infographic


I had been hearing a lot about the LOC Method over the past few months and couldn’t resist the urge to finally give it a go!

The LOC Method as you may have guessed from the infographic above, is a method used to promote maximum moisture retention by sealing in moisture twice! At least that’s the easiest way I can put it!!!

My initial worry was that this would result in super greasy and heavy hair but that has been far from the case. I can happily say READ MORE »

Product Review: KeraCare Natural Textures Butter Cream

keracare buttercream


227g/8 oz £8.40

Purchased Here


Product Claims

A moisture locking soufflé that employs Lanolin plus Argan, Abyssinian and Castor natural oils to achieve proper natural oil and moisture (lipophilic) balance.  Amla & Shikakai Botanicals enhance the shine of the hair. Hydrates curls and coils. Smoothes hair amazingly. Promotes healthy hair growth.

How to Use

Apply sparsely or generously based on the hair’s need for moisture, manageability and vitality.  Rub between palms and scrunch onto hair gently so that curls & coils are not disturbed.  Also may be used READ MORE »

He Put A Ring On It!

He Put A Ring On ItIt feels so good to be blogging again, what do you think of the new page? Not so different right, just a bit more ‘wordpressy’! I still have quite a bit of updating to do so I hope you can bear with me, I’m just glad the site is live already!

I guess this is where I get to the juicy part of the post and share with you all that… I got engaged!!!

Whilst this blog is predominantly about haircare, it’s also a mini life diary for me READ MORE »

NEW HAIR | MercysHairExtensions U-Part Wig + Blending Natural Hair With Curly Weave

Happy Wednesday Loves!
Just in case you hadn’t already snuck a peek at my new hairstyle well here it is, a juicy U-Part Wig using MercysHairExtensions.
I was sent this hair a good six plus months ago and decided I wanted to embrace my natural hair for a few months before opting for any protective/weave like styles, which meant after a few months a.k.a now! I was super excited to finally have this made into a U-Part and try out something new! Natural hair styling is a tonne of fun READ MORE »

Detangling Tool Showdown + Tool Giveaway [CLOSED]

I recently hosted a detangling tool giveaway on Youtube and whilst I hadn’t completely taken a break from all things Social media I most certainly put blogging on hold for a few weeks [explanation here]. 
Well as the blog of course remains my first love, there was no way I was not going to host the same giveaway on here too, so if you missed the Youtube giveaway then there’s always the chance you’ll scoop something here!
I’ve used a ton of detangling tools over the past few years

Overcoming Your Past & Moving Past Regret

Hello Loves,

So where do I start? How about with my absence right! 

For the first time ever I only feel a little bit guilty for not posting on the blog. Now before you raise your brows and give up on me, let me explain! There are some super exciting changes that will be happening in my life in the next coming months starting from August, and the only way I have been able to prepare for them has been planning planning planning. I’m living in Excel sheets, my iPhone READ MORE »

Giveaway : Hair-ology Conference Tickets [closed]

I love educational hair events, don’t get me wrong the hair fairs and shows are amazing but I must admit I can be socially awkward/shy and small intimate events like this are right up my street!

I had the pleasure of being one of the guest speakers last year and I can honestly say it was a great event. Getting hair advice and tips from the likes of the Philip Kingsley team and salon owner Darren Scott & James was nothing short of a treat.

Unfortunately I won’t be able

Imperfectly Perfect: Unapologetically Myself

If there is anyone in my immediate family that could have been labelled the nerd growing up it was me. I wore the highest rise turtle neck, indulged in poem writing, doing well in school and absolutely loved to read. I can’t however say the same for my older self, who finds most of her comfort reads in hair/fashion/beauty blogs, youtube and my iphone bible app!

Well, just a few weeks ago I challenged myself to read more and made my first book purchase as part of this new reading lifestyle READ MORE »