Over the years I’ve gone through my fair share of hair gels, from the old school Lets Jam Conditioning Gel, to every natural girls favourite Ecostyler, and no gel, I repeat no gel, has laid my edges down as well as my new favourite Gorilla Snot Gel

As I type I am currently one week and four days into the LYT 6 Month Protective Style Challenge, and I just can’t get enough of these EvaWigs units [styling video coming soon]. The only downside [if I dare even call it that], of wearing these staight haired units is that my curly edges stand out like a sore thumb!

Now before I discovered the Gorilla Snot Gel, Ecostyler was the name of the game when it came to mastering the edge lay, however I always found that it would only give me a few hours of hold before my curls began to make a comeback. So I took to the internet in search of a gel with a stronger hold and stumbled upon this 5 star review of the Gorilla Snot Gel…

amazon gorilla snot gel review


You definitely didn’t have to tell me twice, I clicked buy in just a matter of seconds and the rest is history!

As for the gel itself there are a few other things I love about it besides its long lasting hold. For one there’s it’s inexpensive price point at just £4.97 for 350g, and then we have its delicious scent. Did I mention it does not flake? I mean what more can you ask for in a gel?

I’m pretty sure there are a dozen more of it’s kind but until another gel steals the limelight, I’m in a long term relationship with this and there will be no break ups! If you need some more convincing I filmed a short video review and included some clips of the gel in all of its glory. Let me know what you think!



Has anyone else tried this or any other gels you just can’t live without?

[P.s I’ll be away with hubby for a few days and therefore absent from the blog, till my next post, have a wonderful weekend!]

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I can’t believe we are nearing the end of January already, can you?

My year has started off beautifully and my surroundings are oozing with positive vibes all round. I can’t wait to see how each month evolves and share so much more with you. If you aren’t already following me on Instagram, I spend a lot of time on there so feel free to say hey if you happen to stop by!

Wishing you a magnificient fourth week of the year!


With Love,


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Ever since sharing my video and blogpost on the 6 month protective style challenge, my inbox has seen a surge of questions on the wonderful topic of hair growth. Of all of the emails received, one in particular caught my attention, this is what it read…

Hi Fiona,
I’m very excited to join you on your 6 month protective style challenge, but wondered why you aren’t doing this challenge during the summer when our hair grows faster and will benefit from the additional sunshine? Just curious to hear your




If you hadn’t already heard, the 2016 LYT protective style hair growth challenge officially kicks off tomorrow!
I took some time out this week to stock up on some of the challenge supplies that I had run out of, or simply needed to buy in time for Mondays start. I thought it would be good to show you exactly which tools/products I plan on using over the next 6 months, and so with that said I present to you my 6 month protective style challenge battle kit!

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It’s Officially Here! The 6 Month Protective Style Hair Growth Challenge

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#WeekendInHair – CFYH BRUNCH

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending my very first hair care brunch! 

Those of you who have grown to know me will know that I’m a serious home bug and take a lot of pleasure in being at home with loved ones and good food! It’s rare that you find me attending Hair events that takes place here in London, but this one I refused to miss.

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TWENTYSIXTEEN: ‘Be You, The World Will Adjust’

Well hello & welcome to 2016 my Loves!

As I’m sure you’ve figured I took a mini break from the blog during the month of December. Truth is I just couldn’t keep up, Christmas, New Year plans, YouTube Videos, job hunting (yes I quit my job!) the list goes on.

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BEAUTY CORNER| Amazing £3 Matte Lipglosses!!! [Thank Me Later]

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I mentioned in a recent post just how in love I am with matte lips and now with these, my collection is nine matte glosses strong!

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How I Trim / Cut My Natural Hair [Two Methods]

hair trim

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When it comes to trimming my hair however, I’m my very own Hair Stylist and have mastered two methods that give my ends the occasional brush up they need. One thing is for sure, READ MORE »

My Wand Curls Transformation | GRWM

wand curls

Happy Monday Loves!

I don’t know about you but the festive season always makes me want to glam things up more than usual, in the past this was with clothes and beauty products, but this year it’s hairstyles, and something tells me I’ll be whipping out two of three new ones before the year is out! It all started with my recent honeymoon protective style, the Evawigs unit I mentioned in this post. It reminded me of just how much I love putting my hair away, and enjoying those extra