My In-Shower Scalp Stimulation Experience |Vanity Planet Shampoo Brush


It’s no surprise that I’ve been on a serious growth enhancing hunt for the past five months! With successful results in the first four months of my six month speedy growth challenge, I have been determined to get the most out of the final weeks before my final length reveal in August.

Of all of the techniques I’ve put to the growth test, I must say tools have taken a serious seat on the bench, at least until I was sent the Vanity Planet Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush to give a whizz. Having read up on several reviews of the brush claiming that it does to some extent stimulate your follicles and increase blood circulation, I decided to set a whole day aside to give my hair some serious TLC, in preparation for my first try of this rather quirky in shower scalp massaging tool.



To start things off I rinsed the final remnants of my Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme [you may know from my washday transformation post how much I love this!], from the first section of my hair, and began to unravel my twist ready for what I was hoping to be a vibrating moment of amazingness.

So what actually happened? I applied some shampoo to my scalp and reached for the massager. The vibrations were in full mode and I gentle moved the brush around in circular motions. I wanted to love the massager but unfortunately found it to be quite painful, which took me back to why over the past few months I moved over to a hand/fingers only regimen. Without wanting to leave the shampoo on for too long I placed the massager down and commenced wash day with my hands/fingers.

Disappointed at the sensitivity of my scalp and first experience with the massager, I revisited another attempt at using the tool during my midweek scalp feeding session. This time things were different! I applied my Super Scalp Tonic [my go to for a serious scalp spa session] to my scalp and laid down on my bed with my head resting on my DIY Satin Pillowcase. I then began to slowly and gently massage my scalp with the brush. The vibrations this time were so good I slumped into bedtime mode and almost forgot about dinner!

So what was different about this time? I pondered on why my in shower experience was not as great at my out of shower experience, and whilst I couldn’t pick up on something super scientific I came to a close enough conclusion… the heat from the shower had opened up my pores, thus making them more sensitive than usual and making the massager seem quite heavy on my scalp.



I’m definitely glad I gave this a second try as it definitely works a treat, although my fingers always steal first place as my favourite tool!

If you are up for giving the massager a try for yourself then hold on to some pennies and be sure to use the discount code ‘lovefiona’ at checkout.


 What tools do you use to encourage scalp stimulation?

Love always,

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