Taking your Lip Game To Another Level This Fall |The Matte Lip


If there is one lipgloss that has been taking over the Instagram makeup feed of late it’s hands down Lime Crimes notorious Salem.

For as long as I can remember I’ve shied away from such bold lipsticks, often thinking that they were for special occasions and only whipping out my old time favourite Ruby Woo by Mac, when my face was covered in makeup, or I had a glamorous night out on the horizon.

This was of course until the likes of Lime Crime and brands like Colour Pop, LA Splash Cosmetics, Coloured Raine as well as a few other brands, introduced the world to what I call the matte lipgloss, better yet a selection of seriously friendly women of colour matte lipglosses.

After eventually dragging myself off YouTube and Instagram [where there are a tonne of great matte lip swatches and reviews], I took to amazon and ebay, and of course you know what happened after that…

The damage? Vampire by LA Splash Cosmetics, Raven Claw by La Splash Cosmetics, Tulle by Colour Pop and Cherry Blossom by Coloured Raine.

The rich deep dark tones are perfect for the autumn/winter transition and you can bet I definitely won’t be waiting for a special occasion before I start playing with these. In the meantime if you still aren’t sure then these videos may just be all the convincing you need to add these to your autumn/winter collection. Easy on the wallet ladies, the colour options are endless!


So what’s the verdict ladies, worth a try?


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It’s Here, Our Official Wedding Day Video!

weddinf video

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Officially Married, What’s In Store & The #FLKAY2015 Portugal Takeover

Mrs K

Guess who is back!

Yes that’s right I’m officially back after three weddings and the most beautiful honeymoon I could have ever asked for. I’ve said this once before and I’ll say it again, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat! There’s nothing like quality time with loved ones, I find the older we get the easier it is to drift apart so I felt so blessed to be able to bring so many friends and family members together to celebrate this new journey in my life.


Life Snippets – The Bridal Shower & Brand New Newlywed Series



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My In-Shower Scalp Stimulation Experience |Vanity Planet Shampoo Brush


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20k Subscriber Giveaway [Mac Cosmetics & United Kurls]


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Get The Look : Currently Obsessed with Crochet Braids


 Over the past couple of months my pinterest and instagram feed have been overflowing with photos of ladies with the juiciest and bounciest looking spiral sets I’ve ever seen. Now don’t get me wrong I know crochet braids have been around for years but these ladies, are on another level, and I need some of the action like now!

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6 Month Growth Challenge Update & Changes

GROWTH UPDATEIt still amazes me every month how quickly the previous month flew by, and especially now with a wedding to look forward to, how much closer I am to officially walking down the aisle! Ahhhhh

If you remember my last length related post, you’ll know that I embarked on a 6 Month Speedy Growth Challenge with hopes of growing my hair long enough to wear it comfortably in its natural state on the D day. So how am I doing so far?

You’ll be pleased to know, and I’m sure


Insta Takes & ‘Hello’ Again

insta takes June

L – R [38 weeks length check / #lytmorningmotivation / Fro / Candy Buffet Jars / Missguided Dress / Fro / Amazing DC combo ft Joico / High Puff / Cantu Hair Products


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