8 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Always Dry

Time after time I get questions about hair dryness and readers sharing techniques they have tried in order to up moisture retention and prevent dry and brittle hair. Truth is, there are so many culprits of dry hair, some we can’t always avoid e.g. weather, genetics etc, but have you ever considered the fact that dryness can also be self-inflicted? Here’s my two pence on 8 reasons as to why your hair always seem to be dry…



 Oils & Butters should never make onto your ‘moisturiser list’ because their primary function is to do pretty much everything but moisturise! In order to moisturise your hair, you will need products such as leave-in conditioners or moisturisers which state water/H2O/Aqua as their primary ingredient. Oils and Butters alone will make your hair greasy and weigh it down.


 Notice I said Deep Conditioning and not Conditioning! I know how easy it is to skip a DC session due to the wonderful world of ‘ain’t no body got time for that’, or better said, busy schedule! But this step truly is important and should be done at the very least once a month. There are a tonload of moisturising deep conditioners that will set your hair up for a good week or two, and some only need a few minutes to work their magic [upcoming post on this soon!]


Especially here in the UK, where it’s pretty much winter all year round, indoor heating is almost always CRUNKED UP. This means any moisture applied to your hair will quickly evaporate if not locked in by some type of sealant, i.e an Oil or Butter. If after sealing you still find your hair to be on the dry side, you can use a super light leave-in Spray to refreshen your hair mid day. I also have a post on the LOC method; maximum moisture retention method – which has worked a treat in keeping my hair moisturised for longer.


I’m sure you’ve heard this before but in all of its ‘clichéness’, it’s 100% true. Low water intake can affect your hair. The more hydrated you are internally, the more hydrated any of your external features will also be. Before I learned to psych myself up about drinking 1l – 2l of water a day, I had to jump on a few phone apps to keep me on top of things i.e. [waterlogged & daily water free]. Now it’s second nature [*picks up my cup and takes a gulp!]


Probably the biggest culprit of all, our dear friend dirty hair. Product buildup can occur right from the minute when we have washed our hair and begin to apply a leave-in, moisturiser, oil etc.  If you start off with a weak moisturiser and  then seal your hair, applying any more product on top of this will be void and your hair will remain dry until you next wash it. The best way to prevent this is either to invest in better moisturising products [see below], or be ready to wash your hair more frequently.


It’s super important to invest in products that actually do what they say they do, and do it pretty darn well! If a half decent moisturiser is used then your hair will do a half decent job at retaining moisture. Some moisturisers that I can personally recommend can be found under my staples. It’s also worth looking into techniques such as the LOC Method which help to keep your hair moisturised for longer. 


With so much focus in the hairsphere on hair growth it can be quite easy to focus on your scalp and neglect your ends. The ends of our hair are the oldest and the most prone to dryness. If it helps try and moisture your hair from the bottom up to ensure your ends are geting enough TLC.


The purpose of a stylign product is not to moisturise your hair but to prepare it for a style which either defines your hair or provides some sort of hold. This type of product may contain less moisturising ingredients and whilst it may make your hair look and feel great- it may also be one of the reasons why your hair is not as moisturised as it should be.


What are some of your dry hair top tips?



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