How To | My Signature Tapered Fro Twist Out

twist out
Seriously, I’ve literally been rocking this twist out style everyday for the past 5 months and I’m still not bored! It’s not so much the ease of the hairstyle but how perfectly it compliments the tapered cut I had done back in August,  I just love it! As some of you may know [mentioned on instagram], I’ll be saying goodbye to my fro in the month of Feb and trying out a new hairstyle or two. But before I put it away I filmed a short video on how I achieve my signature tapered fro twist out. Let me know what you think!

P.s. My 6 month hair growth challenge officially starts on the 9th of Feb so stay tuned for next weeks posts on my action plan and how you can get involved too. You’ll be surprised at the extents a bride will go to make her hair flawless for her big day!

Love Always

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Insta Takes : Hair Photo Diary



Happy Friday Lovelies!

It feels like forever since I posted any personal hair pics. In fact one of my lovely readers picked up on this and I completely agree. I’ve been working on some exciting posts and these will be rolling out over the next two weeks, as well as some videos of course, one I’ve literally just finished filming.

If you’re wondering what is going on with my hair I’m sure these pics will tell it all! Fro fro and more fro!

Keep up to date with my

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Happy Monday Loves!

So I had other plans for today’s post but I couldn’t let this slide. I don’t know about you but over the weekend my instagram feed was buzzing with images of the CWK Snap, Stretch, Style Plates. Now these aren’t as you may be thinking flat iron ceramic plates, no these are a set of plastic moulds that can take your hair from curly to straight without the need for  heat!

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Natural Hair and Hats

About a week ago, I decided that the lack of a woolly hat of some sort in my wardrobe simply wasn’t permissible. Whilst I wasn’t quite the hat wearer during my relaxed hair days, I most certainly threw my beach hat on whenever the opportunity would arise.

The thing is, ever since going natural I just couldn’t figure out how to get the best of both worlds, i.e wear a hat and keep my head warm without messing up my twist out/fro!

That was until a day after treating myself

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