Bulk Review : Products That Made The Cut, Or Not.

buk review

I’ve been holding this post off for some weeks now, just so that I could make sure I had trialed and tested all of the products more than once before deciding on a final verdict! Would you be surprised if I said more than one of these have become permanent residents on my staples list?! We’ll revisit my re-emerging product junkism in another post, but as for now let’s get onto the reviews already!

1 – Made From Earth, Peppermint Herbal Conditioner $14.99 : Since the start of the year I’ve tried where possible to reach for products which have more naturally derived ingredients, hence my excitement when Made From Earth sent me their peppermint conditioner to try. As for ‘natural’ ingredients it’s an absolute winner, Aloe vera juice to start things off followed by Lavender distillate, Castor seed oil etc. But what did my hair think?

My first attempt at using the conditioner was not as successful as I had hoped, my hair did not feel anywhere near as soft as it usually does when using my Joico Moisture Recovery Balm, nor was it as easy to detangle. I decided to give the conditioner a second try, this time underneath my new steamer [yes I’ve finally got one!], to really allow it to seep into my hair and work some magic. Whilst my hair definitely did feel softer it still didn’t give me the softness I’m so used to getting on wash day. As I’m sure you’ve guessed, this will not be on my product shelf for much longer.

2 – Alchemy, Grapefruit Hair Remedy £17.99 : I received a bottle of the Grapefruit Hair Remedy two months ago and was instantly drawn to the presence of Grapefruit oil [antioxidant rich] as one of its main ingredients. The texture of the oil is very similar to that of Almond oil which is one of my number one oils of all time for sealing, but unlike the Almond oil it’s a tad bit heavier. Whilst this oil is good it definitely did not blow me away, I almost had to forcefully remind myself to use it so that it would not waste or end up on my already overloaded product shelf. It’s also quite pricey considering it only seems to be made of Castor oil, Grapefruit seed oil, Coconut oil, Avocado oil and Almond oil.

3 – Beunique, Bamboo Monoi Milk £19.99 : There’s no surprise I’m all for this product having mentioned it in one of my more recent videos. It’s a gentle hair cleanser which cleans without stripping and leaves your hair feeling soft. To top it off the smell! Enough to sell me all by itself. If you’re pro natural ingredients then you’ll love this, Bamboo extract [silica rich], Goats milk & Monoi de Tahiti oil are just a few of the ingredients swimming around in the bottle.

4 – Beunique, Bamboo Mango Smoothie £19.99 : I’m quite spoiled when it comes to conditioners, every conditioner that I currently own is super high in slip and also simultaneously leaves my hair butter soft. Whilst I love the ingredients and smell of the Mango Smoothie, it didn’t give me the slip I had hoped for. I’ve not yet given this a try under my steamer but once I do I’ll be sure to let you know if my thoughts on this change.

5 – Cantu, Coconut Curling Cream £4-£7 : Folks, this product! Where do I start. I could just say amazing and leave it there but that would be cheating. This product as per my instagram post ticks every box. Slip [check], scent [check], softness [check], ingredients [check]. If you are looking for an inexpensive curling cream with very light hold then you’ve got to try this out. This is one of three products I use to achieve my staple twist out and it never disappoints. I get the best results when I use this on damp hair as opposed to wet hair. Definite staple!

6 – Philip Kingsley, Daily Damage Defence Extreme £15 : I have a post dedicated to this product and exactly what I love about it so I won’t go into too much detail here. I have been using the DDDE as a daily leave-in conditioner alongside my ApHoghee Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer! It feeds my strands and also does a great job at softening my hair so that tangles are kept at bay. To the staples list you go…

7 – Afrocenchix, Swish Natural Moisturising Shampoo £13 : I’d like to introduce you to my new staple shampoo. I’ve been on the search for a moisturising shampoo that does not strip and leaves my hair feeling soft and easy to detangle. This product meets all of my requirements. It’s a runny consistency, smells divine and just a dime size amount on a section of my hair produces enough lather and really gets things clean. I’ve been using this bottle for almost two months and there’s still a lot to go. Of all of the shampoos I’ve used since going natural it’s by far the best yet and won’t set my pockets back either. I have a more detailed review Here.

8 – Matrix Biolage, Keratindose Pro-Keratin Renewal Spray £14.25 : My first impressions of this were ‘I can’t stand you!’. Each and every time I used it my hair felt dry and somewhat hard. Having been so excited about trying it I decided not to give up and mixed some of it into a spray bottle with water, choosing to apply it only on days when I felt my hair was in need of strengthening. Dare I say this played in my favor, I love the stuff. I learned that as a product which is high in Keratin, daily use of this may not be a good idea, it’s almost like a hair overdose. I now use this once or twice a week at the most and the watered down version leaves my hair feeling stronger. I know it seems a huge claim to make but I can honestly feel its impact just minutes after applying it. I imagine this a result of the Keratin coating my strands and thus bulking things up. Repurchasing without a doubt!

9 – Made From Earth, Tea + Protein Herbal Shampoo $22.99 : This is the first protein shampoo I’ve ever used and to my own surprise I like it! You’ll definitely feel like your hair is super clean after using this and will need to follow up with a conditioner asap, but on the positive side it definitely does feel like it strengthens so I’ll keep this for use every other month or whenever I’m in need of a protein fix. Will I repurchase? No, but I’ll definitely finish the bottle!

Have You Tried Any Of These Products? What Are Your Staples For The Year So Far?

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