New Hair + New Product Faves [March Updates]


Hey Loves!

I figured it was high time I gave the scoop on my current hairstyle. I must have mastered my blending game because I’ve had a few comments on how long my hair is! Haha, I wish! Give me a few months though, you never know I may just get close!

For those of you who figured it out, yes I’m sporting a wig! The Divaswigs Unit that I showed in my ‘New In’ products post earlier on in the year. It was initially sent as a full lace wig unit but I couldn’t help but tweak it and make it into a U-Part wig. I’ve watched a million videos on how to blend lace wigs with your scalp colour and how to bleach knots but I just don’t have the patience for it, plus I think U-Parts look a little bit more natural anyway.

Besides the wig I also have to share two new products that have made it onto my Staples list. Swish by Afrocenchix and Bamboo Monoi Milk by Beunique Hair Care. These two products are UK born and are the best moisturising shampoos I have used since transitioning over to fully natural. They smell great, give a good amount of lather [which means you do not need to use too much of either of the products on wash day], they are packed with moisturisng ingredients e.g Goats milk [BeUnique] , Monoi de Tahiti Oil [BeUnique], Aloe Vera Extract [Afrocenchix], Pro Vitamin B5 [Afrocenchix] etc, and finally they leave my hair soft, clean and moisturised after using them, even before I commence with applying my conditioner.

Just like last week I churned out another video showing all of the above. Do let me know if you prefer to have these type of posts as full blog posts or a post and a video, I’d love to know!

What Are Your Favourite Moisturising Shampoos?

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[DIY] Super Easy & Affordable Dry Scalp Lotion – The Product I’ve Been Raving About!


Happy Monday Lovelies,

I’ve been away for a few days due to a very busy ‘last week’, but hopefully I can make up for that with the holy grail [dry] scalp lotion recipe I’ve been raving about in the last four or five posts!

Just in case you missed it, I’m on a 6 month speedy growth challenge which relies on four steps to help me grow and retain a good amount of length by August this year. One of the steps I’m depending on during the challenge is the READ MORE »

Why Replacing Your Scalp Oil May Get Rid Of Your Dry Scalp For Good

scalp lotions over oils
If there’s one thing most of us have in common or have experienced at least once during our hair journeys, it would have to be that ‘grose‘ moment when you have had to sit in front of your mirror and engage in a scalp busting session, i.e using a comb, your nails, or some sort of tool to scratch away at your flakes.

A few months ago I wrote a post titled ‘Oil Is Not A Dry Scalp Solution‘, here I discussed the benefits of washing READ MORE »

Blowdry Heat Prep With Philip Kingsley

daily damage defence extreme

It’s been 14 months since I last used a drop of heat on my hair and the craving for straight hair recently reached an all time high!  It wasn’t that I craved for the bone straight finish, but more so that I wanted to see how well my hair would take to the heat, and to get an idea of its length in a slightly straighter state.

Amidst all of the excitement about finally ending my heat stretch, I was also quite nervous. I’ve heard stories of naturals who use READ MORE »

Just 3 Drinks To Longer Hair [I’m Addicted]


So Monday kicked off the very first day of the 6 Month Speedy Growth Challenge, and I thought it may help others on the challenge or those looking for some growth/length retention, if I go into a little more detail behind each of my four steps and the benefits I am getting from them. I’ll start with one of my faves…

Water, Tea & a Smoothie!

As mentioned in my last post I have a morning, afternoon and evening routine when it comes to what I drink. Ever since READ MORE »

How I Plan on Speeding Up My Hair Growth Like Never Before


Happy Friday Lovelies,

I’ve been talking about this post for a few weeks now and I’m super excited to finally share it with you!

Back in August 2014 I had my hair cut to the shortest length I can recall myself ever having. I was craving the tapered fro look and figured my hair would grow back in no time. Then, a month later Mr LYT decided to hijack the trip I had planned for his birthday and turn it into a surprise proposal! Once all of the excitement READ MORE »

How To | My Signature Tapered Fro Twist Out

twist out
Seriously, I’ve literally been rocking this twist out style everyday for the past 5 months and I’m still not bored! It’s not so much the ease of the hairstyle but how perfectly it compliments the tapered cut I had done back in August,  I just love it! As some of you may know [mentioned on instagram], I’ll be saying goodbye to my fro in the month of Feb and trying out a new hairstyle or two. But before I put it away I filmed a short video on

Insta Takes : Hair Photo Diary



Happy Friday Lovelies!

It feels like forever since I posted any personal hair pics. In fact one of my lovely readers picked up on this and I completely agree. I’ve been working on some exciting posts and these will be rolling out over the next two weeks, as well as some videos of course, one I’ve literally just finished filming.

If you’re wondering what is going on with my hair I’m sure these pics will tell it all! Fro fro and more fro!

Keep up to date with my

Calling All Naturals/Transitioners : How To Stretch Your Hair Without Heat, Four Methods Worth A Try

Thanks to my one year heat free challenge I can honestly say that looking after my hair over the past few months has been a breeze. It’s healthier than ever, stronger than ever, and I would do it all over again in a second.

Now it would be quite cheeky of me to say that the entire heat free year was a walk in the park, in fact the first few weeks of going heat free were more like a hike! The more I attempted to wash and go READ MORE »

The Heat Free Straightening Tool That Everyone Is Talking About

Happy Monday Loves!

So I had other plans for today’s post but I couldn’t let this slide. I don’t know about you but over the weekend my instagram feed was buzzing with images of the CWK Snap, Stretch, Style Plates. Now these aren’t as you may be thinking flat iron ceramic plates, no these are a set of plastic moulds that can take your hair from curly to straight without the need for  heat!

I first came across the CWK moulds at the end of last year, they sent one READ MORE »