My Wash Day Regimen Transformation! 2 Products, 2 Tools & 2 Techniques

wash day regimen

I came to realise two months ago that my use of detangling tools was getting out of hand. Around about mid July I had dedicated myself to a low manipulation regimen, but somehow found myself detangling my hair twice in one wash day session, as well as occasionally midweek.

Whilst I was fortunate enough not to suffer the consequences of what I would consider rather excessive manipulation [at least for my hair], I most certainly didn’t want to wait around to find out what would happen if I kept on going! So, I decided it was time to examine my regimen and research into tools, techniques and products that could help make my hair super soft, which in turn would mean it would be less prone to knots and tangles, and my detangling brush would only be used once a week during my prepoo session.

Now of course after weeks of trial and error I finally struck gold and discovered an amazing combination of products, tools and techniques which have transformed my wash day! I just had to share so here’s the scoop…

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[Product #1] Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme

What: pre shampoo treatment
When used: prior to shampooing my hair
How used: I spray each section of my hair with water until slightly damp and then apply a dime sized amount of the Elasticizer onto each section starting from the bottom up, excluding my scalp. I leave this in for 10-20 mins under a shower cap.

I’ve actually been using the Elasticizer for over a year now however recently learned that it is best used on hair that is slightly damp. This product helps to reduce the stripping effect of the shampoo to follow, and also softens my hair so that it is easier to detangle. Now this is where the next item comes in…

[Tool #1]
 Felicia Leatherwood Detangling Brush

What: flexible detangling brush
When used: before shampooing, during prepoo session
How used: after applying the Elasticizer I gently detangle each section of hair which this

Another item I already had. Its flexi combs help to carefully get through knots and tangles and it does its best to follow the direction of your strands rather than force itself through areas that are tangled. This paired with the Elasticizer leaves my hair smooth, detangled and butter soft. Now unto the wash!

[Product #2] Joico Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm

What: moisturising deep conditioner
When used: post shampoo
How used: I use one pump for each section of hair after squeezing any excess water out of my hair

The first time I used this deep conditioner I remember thinking that there was no way it could truly and deeply moisturise my hair, in just 3-5 minutes as directed. I also remember feeling quite disheartened by its lack of slip upon application. However, after just a few minutes under my shower cap I could feel it was working! My hair felt like it had been deep conditioning for much longer than 5 minutes. I refused to stop there I knew I could make the deep conditioner work its magic even more, so I put a new technique to the test…

[Technique #1] Deep Conditioning in Braids

Applying my deep conditioner to medium sized braided sections of hair has helped me reduce knots and tangles significantly. I learned from a friend who also eats, sleeps and dreams haircare, that rinsing out the conditioner with the braids still intact also works a treat, and boy was she right! But as always I was still hungry for more! Let me introduce the next and final tool that has helped me transform my wash day..

[Tool #2] HairTherapyWrap

As with most moisturising conditioners the use of a good heat aid will help speed up the penetration process and have your hair feeling more moisturised. This goes for the HairTherapyWrap too. A few seconds in the microwave and this makes for a great portable and effective tool that sits ever so snuggly over your shower cap. No more jumping in and out of the shower to let your deep conditioner sit for 30 + minutes!

and finally…

[Technique #2] The LOC Method

I raved about this method in a recent post and can continue in saying that this right here is one of my faves! After what feels so far like a trip to the hair spa this seals the entire wash day process off!

Two months later and my hair is retaining more moisture than it ever has, [despite the cold weather and central heating on full blast]. Each and every step above has contributed by large to my now ueber soft and for the most part tangle free head of hair, the regimen examination wasn’t that painful after all!

What are your Holy Grails for the perfect Wash Day results?

Love always,
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