My Standard Hair Regimen and Staples
[last update: July 2013]

- Wash once every week 
[alternating between Shampoo and Conditioner]
- Moisturise and seal every day/night
- Trim ends when necessary

The Wash...

Prepoo* | I prepoo every wash day which softens and prepares my hair for washing, whilst also protecting it from being stripped

Wash/Clarify | I wash / co-wash my hair once a week and clarify usually once every two months.

Condition | I DC with heat for 20-30 minutes using the HairTherapyWrap I use a moisturising DC most wash days and a protein DC when my hair feels weak and/or when I will be using direct heat during styling

Other | Coconut Oil Relaxer - this is done once a week

Upkeep and styling...

Leave-in | After washing I dry my hair with a t-shirt and follow up with a Leave-in and then proceed to styling my hair. I dry by either blowdrying or airdrying in twists 

Moisturiser/ Sealant | I moisturise and seal every other day +  also baggy my hair once a week

Heat | Before applying heat to my hair I always use a Heat Protectant

Scalp Stimulation | I massage my scalp and apply oil to it every  every 2-3 days using a stimulating scalp oil.


LYT Gingernut Brulee Pre-poo
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme

Shielo Shampoo

ORS Replenishing Pak

AtOne Leave-In Conditioner [moisturiser] no longer use this as of May 2013 
Joico Daily Care Leave-in Conditioning Detangler [moisturiser]  no longer use this as of May 2013 
Jane Carter Revitalising Leave-In Conditioner [moisturiser]
Naked Leave-In Conditioner [moisturiser]
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil [sealant]

Joico Daily Care Leave-in

Homemade Castor Oil concoction
Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Pantene Pro V Repair and Care Serum
Ecostyler Gel
Jane Carter Twist & Lock
Jane Carter Curl Defining Cream
KeraCare Buttercream

BaByliss Portable hooded Dryer
Plastic Rollers 
Wide tooth shower comb
Wahl Blowdryer
GHD Straighteners

Biotin Supplement

For my old hair regimen click here


  1. hi, how do you get your hair straight after air drying? i have so many problems air drying, my hair always ends up poofy

    1. Hi Anon- I either do the beehive method or a cross wrap, both of which I will do a post on this month :)

    2. Hi - I tend to twist my hair then wrap it and add sealant leave it over night and then wake up its dry and stretched.

  2. Hey :) Airdrying works best for me once i've relaxed my hair, and i can usually do it for a month happily! I detangle and then use a scarf to smooth down my edges and let the rest of my hair hang. Some people put their hair in a bun/ponytail and airdry this way.

    After week 4 i tend to blow dry on cool air and rollerset.

    Hope this helps x

  3. Fiona! I just went out today and bough At One anti breakage shea butter and tea tree oil! If i didn't read your blogs again last night i would have missed out on a life saving product!! I have extensions in, and every product seemed to make my hair and scalp feel dry and itch or just plain greasy. But after oiling with At One, i took out one of my braids and it has made my hair so so soft and smells beautiful lol. So again thank you for your blogs, knowledge and inspiration :D x x x x

  4. Yayyyyy ! Aww Chlo chlo im so happy... keep me posted- always here to help x

  5. Hey Fiona, do you have any advice on building a solid regime for natural hair? I stopped relaxing my hair around March this year and the transition has been DREADFUL!!! A large chuck of my hair broke off up to the point where my hair texture changed (luckily my hair was thick and long enough to cover it then). It's getting back on track now with the use of castor oil and doo-grow but the hairs at the front of my head have suffered the most. Please help

  6. Hey Munchkin perhaps you can send me your email address so that i can give you an in depth bit of advice :) Merry Christmas!

    P.s my email address is

  7. Hi Fiona,
    I was wondering if you have any recommendations for thick moisturizing conditioners? I have been using Queen Helene for a bit, but I don't think it does much for my hair because my hair still remains dry? Thank You

    1. Hey :) QH is probably the thickest conditioner I have used and can recommend but if you're looking for moisturising conditioners I can happily recommend ORS Replenishing Pak, Herbal Essences smooth and soft hair mask, Philip Kingsley extreme moisture conditioner, Kerastase Nutritive Nutri-Therrmique Masque (pricey though) x Hope that helps

  8. Hi again!
    Same girl (conditioner question) also.. any recommendations for a light moisturizer that will not weigh my hair down?

    1. Hi again! Glad to hear from you! Here are the ones I can recommend based on experience with my hair: AtOne Leave-In Conditioner [moisturiser], Joico Daily Care Leave-in Conditioning Detangler [moisturiser], Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Cream [moisturiser]. What works for me, may not work for you, so see what you think :) Hope you have a better idea of some to try x

  9. how often did you relax your hair

    1. As of my healthy hair journey I relaxed every 12-16 weeks :)

  10. Hey Fiona, my hair is natural at the moment, but I'm thinking of relaxing it for the summer, I have never done it and have always been natural.. what would u recommend as a start-up regime, and where do you buy most of your products?
    Thanks :D x

    1. Hey Anon, this sounds like an exciting step for you. I have a 3 part regime building series which starts here and applies to relaxed hair too and also has part 2 and 3! I buy all of my products from UK hair stores e.g. Superdrug and afro caribb/asian hair shops. I also go to

      Hope that helps! x

  11. How do you protect your hair at night do you wrap like the regular beehive method?

    1. Hi anon, I either do a cross wrap, beehive wrap or wear a low ponytail. I will be doing a post on this as it is one of my upcoming posts for this month :)

  12. Hi Fiona, I have recently decided that I need to create my own hair care regimen after I started experiencing massive breaking and shedding. I have been treating it for the past 6 weeks and there have been some form of improvement. I've gotten a weave as a form of protective styling.
    Do you have a different hair care regimen for when you are wearing a weave? Do you still follow the same regimen as above?

  13. Hi Billie. Congrats on the improvement... that's really great. I did a bit of both and have a video on how I maintain my weave which includes some products and also my scalp and leave out hair and how I look after them :) Let me know if it helps x

  14. can you share whats in your growth aid

    1. I'll do a post this month on stimulating scalp oils :)

  15. Hi Fiona, just wondering where do you get your products from?

  16. Hey Anon, most of my products are ordered from several different retailers so it really depends on what you are after. In fact just about every one of them is from somewhere different! Local afro carrib stores, online, supermarkets etc. Let me know if you're after something specific


  17. hi new subscriber to your channel.( I saw your wash day routine)
    I was wondering if you can do tutorial on you flattened your hair down . thnx

    1. Aww thanks for stopping by Dede, I will add this to my to-do list and try my best to do a video on it x


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