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Off to the interview of my dreams so thought I would post a 5 articles post before I leave, and before hitting it up this evening with a ‘Wednesday’s Words’ post. Haven’t seen one of those in a while eh?! Well look out for it because it’s quite a controversial one tonight… did I hear natural police?! Hmm… Anyway back to les articles!


£5 African print fabric earrings I picked up from MEEN at a Hair event last weekend <3
London by night
Products on my ‘Review’ list! Far

Wednesday’s pictures… Birthdays & Glamazons!

With exam period in full swing I spend most of my days head down and in books, I eat, sleep and breathe German and as you can imagine it does get a tad bit tiring!  Well yesterday I had no choice but to let my hair down and indulge in my housemates evening birthday celebration. I haven’t had time to do a Wednesdays words post so hopefully Wednesdays pictures will suffice!

The evening began with dinner in a fantastic Thai restaurant with impeccable interior design, followed by a ladies READ MORE »